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Bad black speaks out on why she failed to pay rent

City socialite Shanita Namuyibwa commonly known as Bad Black has opened up on why she failed to pay her rent.

This came after rumors made rounds on social media that Bad Black has been evicted from the house she has been renting for the last two years.

According to Bad Black she didn’t clear her rent because she didn’t have a tenancy agreement.

“I couldn’t clear my rent because I had no tenancy agreement”

Black added on that she demanded for 2021 tenancy agreement, but the the law firm refused to deliver hence no essence of paying rent..

She said Let them go to court I am ready with my lawyers. If I signed any tenancy agreement, I will pay unless they want me to occupy the house again. The law firm wanted me to pay the month of June yet they told me to vacate.” Bad black e1000$ of the same month, she was sent an eviction letter to vacate the building.

Masolo Queen explained that the country is affected by the Pandemic, making it hard for her to get investors. Mama Jonah Clarifies that if the landlord demands 5000$, that’s 3month which she failed to pay.

Written by Aine Siggy

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