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Both Jose Chameleon and Bobi Wine are selfish – Full Figure

Presidential advisor Nakangubi Jennifer commonly known as Full Figure has revealed that Chameleon and Bobi Wine are both selfish.

She said this following Jose Chameleon’s visit to Salim Saleh and Bobi Wine’s statement about it.

Full Figure said no one needs to criticize one another because they are all selfish, they mind about themselves only and their families. Infact Full Figure added on that if analysis is made, Bobi Wine is more selfish.

“Both Bobi Wine and Chameleon are selfish because I have been close to them and I know them better. No one needs to criticize one another and if analysis is made you will find Bobi Wine more selfish.” Full Figure said.

Out spoken Full Figure said its not okay that artists are going to General Saleh and given money because it is making the government look bad.

Written by Aine Siggy

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