Chameleon has people’s curses allover him – Tuff B

It seems like everyone who has always had a grudge against the self styled music doctor Jose Chameleon has finally gotten a chance to sting him.

Everyone coming out is calling Chameleon a beggar because he led a group of musicians to meet Gen Saleh to get financial assistance.

Most of these have come out to attack the Leone Island boss after Fire Base crew leader Bobi Wine made a lengthy statement expressing his disappointmentbwith these musicians who he said have turned into beggars.

The latest to attack Chameleon is failed musician and NBS Tv presenter Tuff B.

Tuff B while appearing on Urban TV said that it’s absurd that a person like Chameleon who was earning over Ugx 300 million ten years ago has resorted to begging now.

Tuff B added that Chameleon should instead apologize to the people he’s wronged over the years because it’s their curses that are haunting him.

“My advice to him is that he should go apologise to all of those people he wronged. It’s the curses and tears of the people he wronged that have kept him in the state that he’s in. Even if gen Salim Saleh gave him a billion but with these curses still existent, he would still blow it in weeks.” Tuff B said.

However, Chameleon has denied being after individual interests saying the reason they met Gen Saleh is for the better of the entire music industry.

This is a sentiment that was echoed by his friend and fellow musician Bebe Cool who addressed Bobi wine saying that he made his lengthy statement out of ignorance and selfishness.

Written by Aine Siggy

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