Chameleon hits back at Bobi Wine’s criticism

Legendary Ugandan music heavyweight singer Dr Jose Chameleon has come out to address Fire Base boss Bobi Wine with a simple message.

This was after Bobi Wine yesterday criticised artists who had met Gen Saleh in Gulu.

The Bada singer wondered how musicians could accept to be used by the government that is oppressing people.

Bobi wine even quoted a saying from the Russian 20th century dictator Joseph Stalin.

Stalin had told his followers using a chicken he had plucked off feathers but despite the pain it was in, it followed him when he threw wheat crumbs at it.

Stalin then told his followers that that’s how easy it was to rule stupid people.

He said despite the pain you cause them, they will always follow you if you throw a few worthless crumbs to them.

Bobi Wine therefore said that these artistes were being frustrated by the government.

However due to their greed, they keep on dining with the same person oppressing them.

Of recent artistes in Uganda have heard numerous engagements with Gen Saleh to see on how best to assist the music industry.

Bobi Wine wondered what a person like Saleh has to do with the music industry.

In his post Bobi wine praised those artistes who had stood their ground and refused to work with the regime.

He commended their patriotism and said nothing comes easy but through hardwork.

Replying to his musical competitor, the Vumilia singer revealed how he’s not after money because money never ends.

“Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your chances for happiness will never end.” Chameleon quoted the famous Bob Marley quote on his Facebook page.

Written by Aine Siggy

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