Ugandan men are not my class as yet- Sheebah reveals

If you thought that the self styled queen karma TNS singer Sheebah Karungi is about to get off the shelf, relax because she’s still riding solo for some time.

During an interview with Spark TV’s Livewire program, Sheebah said she will continue being single other than rushing into a marriage where she will be disrespected.

She also said that she’s a woman of class and therefore she will land a man of her class.

She said that a woman of her status needs to take her time and find the right man.

She doesn’t want a man that will cause her scandals because she’s a famous public figure.

The Kale mama singer also added that she’s worked her way to the top so she wouldn’t want a man who is going to dictate her life.

Sheebah added that gone are the days when women were just spectators in the things around them.

She also took time to defend the allegations saying that she’s undermining marriage by teaching young gals defiance to their men.

“I would rather be single and wait for the right man to come. I’m not against marriage but a person of my character can’t just run into a scandalous relationship. I’m a woman who has worked my way to the top so I would want a man that will respect me.” Sheebah said.

She also addressed the issue on why she calls herself the coolest “Nakyeyombekedde.”

Unlike what people associate with the word, Sheebah said that it means an independent single and successful woman to her.

The singer told people to normalise praising single women who hustle to succeed instead of praising single women who succeed on the back of their husbands.

Written by Aine Siggy

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