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Jose Chameleon spent money on women, now a beggar – DJ Jacob Omutuze

Dembe FM presenter DJ Jacob Omutuze has trashed Jose Chameleon for spending all his money on women and turning into a beggar.

He said all this during an entertainment show on Urban television.

According to Jacob Omutuze, at this age of Jose Chameleon with all the experience in the music industry, he should be owning a big record label with a charity organization to help the needy by even a young Boy like Diamond Platnumz has achieved all this with few years he has been in the music.

DJ Jacob claimed Jose Chameleon spent all his money on women and forgot to invest something that has made him turn into a beggar.

“At his age and experience, Jose Chameleone should be owning a record label and at least a charity org to help the needy. With the few years that he has been in the industry Diamond Platnumz already owns these. It is really absurd that Chameleone, with all the years he has been at the top of the industry he is a beggar today. This is all because unlike Diamond who planned for his earning from music, Chameleone and his colleagues blew it on women. If he is lucky and gets some money from Saleh, my advice to him would be that he uses it to plan for his old age.” DJ Jacob said.

Omutuze is not the only person to brand Jose Chameleon as a beggar. Different people in the industry have branded him that following his visit to Gen Said Saleh in Gulu.

However, Chameleon looks unbothered as he posted that he has a right to visit any person he wants and does whatever gives him peace.

Written by Aine Siggy

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