Let Bobi Wine continue doing the talk as I do the work

It seems like a verbal war might have broken up among Uganda’s legendary three musicians Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleon and Bebe Cool.

The three musicians have along the years been clashing and making up again and then relapsing.

However, it was expected among their fans that this time they had all matured up and left their beef old days behind them.

But ever since Chameleon went to meet Gen Saleh with a group of musicians, social media pages of these three artistes has been up in arms..

Bobi Wine first made a lengthy statement criticising these artistes as traitors to Ugandans.

This saw Bebe Cool reply Bobi Wine saying his statement was based on ignorance and selfishness.

Chameleon however for his part has been replying to all this in parables not to rub either sides wrong.

He first said that unlike what Bobi Wine insinuated that he’s after money, it’s the reverse, just to benefit the industry because money never ends and therefore can’t make one happy.

In another subtle shot fired, Chameleon quoted Radio and Weasel’s song of Talk n talk.

He assumingly told Bobi Wine to continue doing the talk as he does the talk.

“Like Michael Jackson, I’m the Master of My Moonwalk…Well they can do the Talko Talko. I will do the work.” Chameleon posted.

Chameleon also has an upcoming album titled “I am Joseph” coming up anytime.

Written by Aine Siggy

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