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Sheila Gashumba sets Twitter record

Like her or not but she continues to break barriers and set records for her brand.

Sheila Gashumba has once again set another record this time of Twitter.

The petite media personality was named number 51 in the top 200 most influential women on Twitter in Africa.

This list included some of the well known African women including celebrities.

Gashumba however is the highest ranking Ugandan woman on this list.

Her followers however as usual started clashing with her that this list is not authentic.

They questioned her what she influences since for the time they have been following her, they haven’t been influenced at all.

“Influencial in what? I just want to know. Thanks.”

“Those people ranking dont know you in reality….if they get yo cv..nebamanya emirundi gyebakuwanika amagulu..they cant rank you with real people..who help millions ..
Ugandas kyle jenner.?? Bakukiina!!”

“Naye Gwe Gasumba gal okujako okubera nga otukunamira.. how else do you influence really.? Retweet fr us any influencial tweet of yours .”

“You had to be number 5 but they added the 1 for your figure.”

“How many votes does that bring on board ?…can that influence make one become an MP?”

Written by Aine Siggy

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