You licked Sudhir’s feet to afford marrying your wife- Bad Black attacks Salvado

Media outlets are currently flooded with news of how faded socialite and sex vendor Bad Black was evicted from her plush mansion over failure to pay rent arrears amounting to over Ugx200 million.

Her fans were shocked after she had told them sometime back that she had bought the house and it belonged to her.

Her landlady though served her an eviction notice and it’s said she shifted deep in the night.

This was for fear of cameras but the news was divulged by her long time nemesis, social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa.

Screenshots were later shared between comedian Salvado and Ritah Kaggwa.

In these screenshots Salvado was telling how Bad Black had come to leave with his sister and even resorted to using mineral water yet she had defaulted National water Ugx 2.5 million.

However Bad Black addressed these two saying none of them can equate to her success.

Bad black said Salvado was looking for a comeback because he’s a faded comedian.

She added that even for his wife and house, he had to lick Sudhir Ruparelia’s feet to be able to afford to marry her.

“Salvado your a lugbara and you say I was sleeping at your sister’s place yet my landlady was a Muganda. You just looking for a comeback from me and luckily I have handed it to you. You got into comedy before Alex Muhangi but right now you work for him. Even full stop is bigger than you now. You had to lick Sudhir’s feet to get money to rent your house and marry your wife.” Bad black attacked Salvado.

For Ritah Kaggwa, she said that she did not have time for her because she ran to the UK to seek asylum and everything from pads to food is given to her free of charge.

She advised all those wanting to attack her that if they can’t afford to pay rent of $300 dollars, they should then keep quiet.

Written by Aine Siggy

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