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My brand is bigger than Jose Chameleon – Full Figure

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi commonly known as Full Figure has revealed that she is bigger than the legendary Musician Jose Chameleon.

This came after she was kicked out of Jose Chameleon’s new association known as the Super Star’s association that was recently created and headed by him.

According to Full Figure, she didn’t deserve the super star association because its full of upcoming artists like Pallaso, Kabako, Feffe Busi yet she is an established artist. No one even chased her but she just left because its not her level.

“I am bigger than Jose Chameleon and his association because all the artists in there are upcoming yet I am an established artists. No one cased me but I took myself out for that is not my level.” Full Figure said.

Full Figure said that Jose Chameleon’s association is not going to stand for a long time because him as a person is violent and the artists in it all like fighting like Pallaso, and Kabako.

Outspoken Full Figure her levels are now at statehouse not just these ordinary artists who are even beggars.

Written by Aine Siggy

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