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You have nothing to do with my life – Rita Kagwa replies Bad Black

Social media blogger Rita Kagwa has replied her long time rival Bad Black telling her to leave her alone because she has nothing to do with her life.

This came following Bad Black’s escape from her rented house without paying the rent bills.

After Bad Black left her rented house in Butabika, the media got to know about it and Rita Kagwa being a blogger also gave her side view. She said Bad Black is now a poor woman just marrying young boys yet she still wants to live a good life hence should know her level and live a normal life like others.

On hearing this, Bad Black ran to her snap chat and attacked Rita Kagwa telling her on how she is an asylum seeker in the UK living in an old poor house that government pays for her.

Rita who had an interview with spark television said, Bad Black has nothing to do with her life and they are not on the same level. She added on that she isliving a better life in her own house not renting like Bad Black does.

“Bad Black you have nothing o do with my life. I am better than you. Know your level and keep in your level because me who you call an asylum seeker am living in my house that is better and enjoying good life. Go on renting and endeavor to find a house you can manage to pay.” Rita Kagwa said,

Its not the first time these two have attacked each other. They are always abusing themselves on snapchat

Written by Aine Siggy

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