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Bobi Wine is drowning in government money- Dembe FM presenters

Dembe FM talk and talk presenters Jenkins Mukasa and Eddie Sendi came out to sting NUP president Bobi Wine on why he’s criticising fellow musicians for going to Gen Saleh to get financial assistance.

These said that there’s nothing these artistes are doing that Bobi Wine never did.

According to Jenkins Mukasa, Bobi Wine was the first musician to go to Gen Saleh and the first family begging.

He should therefore let other artistes eat there share too since he finished his.

Jenkins added that he’s currently enjoying government money saying NUP was given 2.5 billion shillings to run it’s activities but he doesn’t talk about that.

Jenkins further added that even his car was exonerated of paying tax but he can’t talk about that too.

“When he was with Saleh begging for money, it was a whole loaf, but when other artistes go to beg, it’s crumbs that they get. He says that these artistes went there out of fear and submission, so for him which of the two took him there. Besides he’s also aborad begging. NUP was given 2.5 billion shillings by government to run it’s activities but he’s quite about it. He even got a car he didn’t pay taxes for.” Jenkins said.

The Talk n Talk show hosts said that of all the monies Bobi Wine has attained, he should at least organize a concert for all those artistes that follow him.

It’s hunger that usually delivers them into Bobi Wine’s opponents’ hands.

Written by Aine Siggy

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