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DJ Nimrod opens up about his sex life

Galaxy radio presenter DJ Nimrod has opened up about his sex life.

DJ Nimrod said nothing on this Earth stops home from having sex with any woman but only one thing almost made him fail to have sex in a night.

He said all this during his daily show on Galaxy radio.

DJ Nimrod said one time he wanted to have sex with a certain girl but the time got in bed bugs started biting the lady and she decided to leave. However, as he calls himself a ‘certified Muzzinyi’ he did everything to make sure he gets the sex he was expecting.

“On this Earth nothing stops me from having sex. Only one day when I brought a girl in my room and bed bugs stated biting her she decided to leave that’s the only time I almost failed to have sex. But eventually I had to use my tack ticks and have it.” DJ Nimrod said.

DJ Nimrod has never went public about his relationship and he said he is not about to show her soon.

Written by Aine Siggy

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