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Pictorial: Celebrating Lydia Jazmine’s 30th birthday in style

Nabawanukka Lydia popularly known as Lydia Jazmine is one of the best vocalists and trust me one of the most talented female artistes we have at the moment.

It’s no wonder that fans demand more of her because she has the ability to get herself to continental level.

The singer came on to the scene in the early 2010’s through a collaboration with Rabadaba titled You Know.

She also worked as a back up vocalist to Radio&Weasel and her sweet vocals can be heard in the smash hit. Breath Away.

Jazmine would later on start to make a name of her own on the local entertainment scene felt.

Songs such as Same Way, Drum, Masukka, Olindaki, Wankolera, Hit-and-run are some if the ballads she’s outed since then.

Jazmine can also be hailed as the queen of collabos because everything she touches becomes golden.

She currently has two collabos that are doing well, Feeling featuring Grenade Official and Banange with Ykee Benda.

Let’s talk about her sexiness, I don’t think that there is a female artiste locally as sexy as Jazmine.

She absolutely has everything your dirty mind has ever fantasized about.

The right curves, hips,butt, smile, eyes boobs, legs basically one of the best art pieces of God.

And oh not forgetting never tampering with chocolate skin texture.

You think it’s a lie, then visit her social media pages or her videos, you will bear testimony to me.

So if you have anyone having sight issues, bad days, any negative vibes in their lives, I would refer you to Lydia Jazmine’s sexy photos.

They will surely help a lot and no fee charged maybe a couple of Mbs.

As the singer today celebrates her 30th birthday according to what is known, we have decided to compile some of the sexiest pics of her she’s dropped onto her social media pages at different times.

Jazmine was born on the 27th of July 1990 in Mukono.

Oh and lastly she’s single because she has no known man so try to dunk in your shot maybe you could be the right one for her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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