Salvado hits back at Bad Black by showing off his house

Comedian Patrick Salvado has hit out at new enemy Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black by showing off his beautiful house.

The comedian and the faded socialite have been embroiled in a verbal war over the past two days.

This started after Bad Black was evicted from her rental in Butabiika over failure to clear her rent arrears that had amounted to over 200 million shillings.

The news was revealed by social media blogger who is an eternal rival of Bad Black.

Salvado came into the mix of all this when his screenshots with Ritah Kaggwa leaked.

The two were talking about Bad Black with Salvado saying she was staying with his sister where she used mineral water bottle worth 6 million shillings.

Bad black labeled Salvado as a broke faded comedian who had to lick Sudhir’s feet to afford marrying his wife Daphne Francstock and to afford paying rent.

Salvado has however come out to let Bad black know her levels since he owns his own house.

He took to Facebook to wish his wife a beautiful birth week and told her one thing she will never do is worry about paying rent.

“It’s your birthday week my love….one thing you will never worry about is paying rent.” Salvado posted.

This was a direct dig at Bad Black and it’s waited to see how she will respond because she’s well known of being verbally active.

Written by Aine Siggy

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