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You were also a beggar – Halima Namakula tells off Bobi Wine

Legendary singer Halima Namakula has told Bobi Wine to stop criticizing other artists for begging because he was also a beggar before he turned into a politician.

She said this during an interview with NBS Television.

Bobi Wine wrote a very long post on social media about artist after fellow singer and competitor Jose Chameleon went to Gulu with other few artists that belong to his new association known as the super star’s association to meet General Salim Saleh.

However, it is said that many artists go with different agendas. Some go to represent problems in the music industry while others go to get some money but Bobi Wine said artists go to beg money.

Halima Namakula said Bobi Wine should leave artist a lone if they beg let them beg after all its better to beg than steal.

“Bobi Wine should stop criticizing artists that they are beggars. He should noy forget where he came from, he was once a beggar and now a rich person because of music. Let artists beg after all its better to beg than steal.” Halima Namakula said.

Very many people have been raising issues on Bobi Wine’s post about musicians. Some have said its right artists have turned into beggars while others said Bobi Wine is just a selfish man and also a beggar even now when he claims to be rich.

Written by Aine Siggy

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