Don’t blame musicians who go to Gulu but the two full/half brothers- Betty Nambooze says

Mukono Municipality Mp Hon Betty Nambooze has come out to give her own opinion according to the ongoing Gulu fracas.

The Northern district has become a frequented zone for the entertainment industry in the past few days with both promoters and artistes.

These hope to get financial assistance from Gen Salim Saleh and some solutions for the entertainment industry.

However according to Nambooze, the manner in which all this is being done is a sad one that raises questions on how this country is run.

Betty Nambooze said that with the ongoing pandemic there is no problem with government coming out to assist private businesses and in fact it’s what should be done.

She however questioned the person doing it, Gen Saleh, his acting capacity and what mandate he uses to give out this money.

Nambooze said that in the 80’s Saleh was referred to as President Museveni’s half brother but might have gone on to fully become the President’s full brother.

Nambooze also wanted to know if the money the general was dishing out was just from his pocket as a kind Ugandan.

She went ahead to say if it’s his own money, then he should be channeling it through the official COVID 19 avenues.

Nambooze went ahead to say that if Gen Saleh is using state money the way he’s doing, then there is no worse way the two brothers have ever raped this country than now.

Nambooze also advised musicians to stop living in lives of denial because this is what makes them surrender to satanic money.

She further said that government should instead have used the likes of Chameleon to rally people to get vaccinated and follow Sop’s.

She said that the money given to these stars makes them hated and resented among their fans.

Nambooze further advised government to swallow it’s pride and work with Bobi Wine in the awareness campaign because he has a number of followers countrywide.

Nambooze concluded by saying that the person to demonize in all this is not Chameleon but the two brothers Museveni and Saleh.

“If Ugandans are still interested in our country, the person to demonize is not Chameleon‚Ķthe person to question and get annoyed with is the two full or half brothers Akandwanaho Caleb aka Salim Saleh and T.K.Y Museveni.” Nambooze signed out.

Written by Aine Siggy

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