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Gen Salim Saleh is tired of promoters, they over beg – Full Figure

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi commonly known as Full Figure has revealed how Gen Saleh is tired of events promoter but has no way of telling them.

She said during an interview with NBS Television uncut show.

According to Full Figure, promoters have really over begged to the extent that they now days cant leave Gen Saleh’s place in Gulu. Even after giving them 5.5 billion to do E Concert they still cant appreciate.

“Events promoters, Balaam, Abitex, Bajjo , Balunywa, youtr not the only people in Uganda. The fact is that you will never get satisfied of money, please give other people space to go and see Gen Salim Saleh too after all he is tired of you begging him but has no way of telling you.” Full Figure said.

The fact that the entertainment has not been working for almost two years, Full Figure told promoters that they are not the only people that make up the whole entertainment industry. Actors and actresses are also dying of hunger.

It should be noted that promoters were first given more than 6 billions but still went back to beg and now they have added them 5 billion while other people in the entertainment industry have not received anything.

Written by Aine Siggy

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