Video: Snitch Balaam Exposed Selling Out Chameleone And Sipapa To Police

They say a thief always has 40 days before they are caught red handed.

This has been the case with popular events promoter Balaam Barugahara.

Many people ranging from fellow events promoters, musicians to social media bloggers have all been accusing Balaam of being evil hearted.

These accuse him of either blocking them to meet President Museveni or bad mouthing them.

Balaam has however all along been denying these allegations.

Yesterday Balaam led other promoters to Gulu to meet Gen Saleh and it’s where Bajjo and Balaam exchanged some heated words.

Bajjo accused Balaam of beefing everyone despite being wealthy including bad mouthing the ongoing Ug connect E-concert.

In a reply to Balaam’s letter, Gen Saleh also accused Balaam of being a hypocrite and selfish.

This has been further proved by a leaked video in which Balaam was talking to some police officer.

In video shared by local news publication Bigeyeug, Balaam is heard clearly telling them how embattled city socialite Sipapa drives around 10 cars without number plates.

He even advises on who to call to give them a lead on how to arrest Sipapa.

Balaam also talks about how he cautioned Chameleon last year when he was driving a V8 that had no number plate.

Indeed all the two Chameleon and Sipapa were involved in battles with law enforcers and URA over the legality of their cars.

The video is included below.

Written by Aine Siggy

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