South Sudanese Artists Blast Ugandan Musicians For Greed And Selfishness

The South Sudanese music industry and fans in general are not happy with Ugandan musicians whom they have accused of greed and selfishness.

This was after the death of a South Sudanese musician known as Mantani of Hardlyf.

The musician who was presumably a big name in South Sudan met his death through an accident which is reported to have happened in Uganda.

Mantani passed away on Monday and the south Sudanese expected the Ugandan entertainers to stand with them in the trying times.

This is because these Ugandan musicians have always been welcomed in South Sudan like stars and always drown in huge monies there.

The likes of Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine, Chameleone, Lady Mariam, Karole Kasita among many others have all harvested huge chunks of money from the oil rich country.

It was from this point that they expected Ugandan musicians to stand with them but after almost four days, no entertainer in Uganda had posted a condolence message.

As the fury boiled, Spice Diana took to her Facebook page to post a condolence message.

This however did not sit well with her South Sudanese fan base as they accused her of posting the message after being called out.

“After media criticism, then you say you are sending out condolences. We know you people are so heartless.” A fan attacked her.

“Spice Diana rest in peace in advance, yours is coming one day. Rest in peace legend Mantani.” another went.

“Infact you should feel ashamed of yourself. Where were you all these days? Keep your rip to yourself . Nonsense.”

Today Ykee Benda too posted a condolence message and he’s also faced it rough.

The South Sudanese fans and music industry are totally disappointed with it’s Ugandan counterpart.

It has also been reported that David Lutalo who was in South Sudan for a concert was barred from singing.

Written by Aine Siggy

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