Stop attacking our artistes and know your class- fans tell Naira Ali

Yesterday saw singer Naira Ali take to her Facebook page to attack some unknown artist.

The Dalu singer was telling this artiste to stop hyping her/himself as the best yet he/she buys the fame.

“You pay for your song to get on countdowns, pay presenters to praise you, you exercise pay per play for your songs, you pay bloggers to praise you, you boost your social media’s for following, you generate YouTube views monitorily, almost every media person is on your payroll, you sabotage other artistes music playing and there’s absolutely nowhere your music goes deliberately if not paid for and then you claim you are the best. Amazing!!!” Naira Ali wrote.

Although she had not mentioned any artistes name for her own reasons presumably to avoid beef, her followers joined in with their own suggestions

Most however told her to stop lamenting and cursing but instead work hard.

“We have different targets and therefore different strategies to hit….Tokolima…strategise and hit your targets. Stakeholders want your money, they are here to do business not charity.” A fan preached to her.

“Yasamila muli…stop attacking queen sheebah…if you want such privileges pay for them. stop complaining like a Hen that was given dirty water….u mazafaka.” A fan who felt that her favorite artist was being attacked belted out.

“Banange banange they even by themselves gifts to frustrate us.” A fan hit out at Lydia Jasmine who recently got a car for her 30th birthday from her manager Ronnie Mulindwa.

“The same way you allegedly paid 500m shillings to stream a song. Tukube muziki tusalewo Ani asinga.” A fan preached to her.

“Ate supayisi Diana akozeki mukwano.” Another fan guessed the artiste being attacked.

Written by Aine Siggy

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