Keep Uganda safe as I go to make money my queen – Golola tells Sheebah

Comical kickboxer Golola Moseshas come out to tell his “Queen” singer Sheebah Karungi to keep Uganda safe as he goes to make money.

Ever since the TNS singer came out to reveal why she’s single and will continue to be in case her right mam doesn’t come along, some comical figures have come out to chase her.

The first was comedian Kapere who said that he’s the right man for the queen karma.

Later on Moses Golola came out and said he’s the one for Sheebah and he will woo her.

Again as he was departing for South Sudan yesterday for his fight, he told Sheebah that he had gone to make money and come back to her.

“Am now going to Sudan for business to make money and come back for my queen Sheebah. Of course she named herself queen knowing the mighty king Moses Golola of Uganda is there. We are compatible that’s why you see she makes those pads although I find a problem learning the name. Am also in foundation so when I come back I will take her we donate pass there. So my queen keep Uganda safe for me.”

Sheebah hasn’t replied to all this but of course it’s all drama as Golola is games for.

Written by Aine Siggy

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