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Lil Pazo in critical conditions, needs urgent help

Singer Mukasa Yasin popularly known by his stage name Lil Pazo is in critical conditions and needs urgent help.

This came after the singer was attacked by a certain disease in his stomach that he identifies as ulcers but later the pain increased and he was rushed to Bombo military hospital.

According to Lil Pazo who had an interview with NBS Television, when he reached the hospital, they found out that it was not only ulcers he needed surgery which happened.

However, he says the bills are so high and the medicine he is currently taking is very expensive and he doesn’t have money. He called on well wishers to help him out with money and save his life.

“I am very sick in much pain. I had surgery and almost every day they cut on my stomach. The medicine I take is very expensive I cant afford it yet it’s the only to save my life. Any one who can help me financially please do it I will be appreciative. Hamis Kigundu, President Museveni, Balaam am dying I need help.” Lil Pazo cried out.

Pazo went ahead and said his wife is the one taking care of him but he is eight months pregnant.

Anyone who can help Lil Pazo do it and we shall keep you updated about his health status.

Written by Aine Siggy

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