Salvado and his wife love gossip- comedian MC Kapale

Comedian MC Kapale has come out to assert Bad Black’s comments about Salvado liking to listen to rumors.

Bad Black a few days that Salvado should stop acting like a woman going around listening to rumors and meddling in women’s affairs.

Kapale while appearing in an interview with Urban TV said that Salvado loves a lot of gossip.

He was first asked about Bad Blacks house woes to which he replied that whenever people get a lot of money and fail to plan, that’s what happens to them.

Kapale was then questioned about his relationship with Salvado to which he said he’s from Masaka and cannot get along with a Lugbara from Ombokolo.

He also talked of how Muhangi made money out of him unknowingly.

“Come on am a muganda from Masaka and Salvador is a a Lugabara from Ombokolo so I don’t get along with him. I expected him to be honest and reasonable bit he’s spent a lot of time in Buganda and adopted the Baganda’s character of planting beef and hatred. He also likes gossiping and when he married his Mutoro wife who hypes him, it gets worse. Muhangi was a wise Mukiga who made money out of me disguising as my promoter yet he was milking me.” Kapale said.

He went ahead to say that when he joined the Crackers comedy group some members liked him but the likes of Salvado, Cotilda, Omara hated him.

It was also from the Crackers that he learnt playing casino which he claims led him to poverty.

Kapale also said that the comedians are also going to meet Gen Saleh soon as their leader Hannington Bugingo already has the necessary files.

Written by Aine Siggy

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