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DJs angry at President Museveni For Saying He Doesn’t Know Who They Are

Yesterday saw President Museveni deliver the much anticipated presidential address at the end of the 42 day lockdown.

The speech left majority of the people happy since the lockdown measures were relaxed in their sectors.

However there was a small section of the public that was left cursing after the President said they should wait until more reviews have been made.

These included those in the performing arts who were advised to perform virtually.

The President added salt to the wound when talking about DJs who he said doesn’t know who they are and what they do.

This was when he was talking about the vulnerable groups who received help from the government.

” We identified some of the vulnerable groups who received Ugx 100,000 and these included the following: slum dwellers, taxi and bus operators, waiters, DJs although I don’t know who DJs are or what they do.” Mr Museveni said.

This prompted different DJs to hit their social media pages and wonder how he could claim not to know them.

They reminded him that it was they who made his “Another rap” song a hit and if it wasn’t them his rallies would be a bore.

NBS DJ Roja even dedicated Chameleon’s Beefula song to him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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