Weasel And King Saha Allegedly Beat Each Other Up

Talk and Talk show co-host Jenkins Mukasa allegedly said that musicians King Saha and Weasel fought and beat up themselves yesterday.

The fight according to Jenkins was narrated to him by one of the witnesses who was around when the two exchanged blows.

The fight is said to have taken place at Weasel’s home, Neverland in Makindye.

It happened after the two artistes had gotten high after boozing and smoking substances.

He also said that Weasel’s brother Pallaso came 10 minutes after the fight had taken place and instantly left after seeing the mess.

“I was told bottles were flying high and Weasel and King Saha allegedly fought. Those boys usually end up in brawls after getting high on booze and weed. The guy who told me said that it could be Radio’s ghost that stirs up everything whenever they booze. I was further told that Pallaso came up after about 10 minutes and he immediately left.” Jenkins said.

King Saha and Weasel have been and are great friends right from many years back.

Both have been at one time affiliated to Chameleon’s Leone island crew.

They have also been inseparable in the past few days running after Gen Saleh’s money in Gulu.

The pair has also worked on quite a number of songs together.

Written by Aine Siggy

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