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Winnie Nwagi disappointed in NBS for interviewing dad without her knowledge

Singer Nakanwagi Winnie commonly known as Winnie Nwagi has come out to show her discomfort by the media that interviewed her father without her knowledge.

During an interview with Galaxy Radio, Winnie Nwagi said she didn’t know anything that some media house has interviewed her dad, she only heard the interview like other people did.

Winnie Nwagi said it’s very disrespectful and she felt bad because the media house would have talked to her first and ask her permission to go interview her father.

“It was very disrespectful for some media house to go and interviews my father without my knowledge. I felt so bad they would have talked to me first and I grant them permission to do so.” Winnie Nwagi said.

Winnie Nwagi went ahead and said that’s one of the reasons she hides when she sees a media personality because when they interview her, they will add on more unnecessary words to make their stories interesting yet Killing someone’s brand.

Written by Aine Siggy

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