Naira Ali Calls Dembe FM’s Eddie Sendi An ‘Old Rotten F**t’

A few days after attacking unknown artistes over what she terms as buying fame and relevance, Naira Ali has launched another scathing attack against Dembe FM talk and talk show panelist Eddie Sendi.

This was after Sendi replied to her accusations saying that all she should do is release good music and let the fans decide.

Sendi said that Naira Ali was only seeking relevance and stuck where she is.

Now Naira Ali has tore into Eddie saying that at his old age, he should be offering advice instead of spitting venom and always being negative.

She however said Sendi’s negativity won’t bring her down.

The singer further added that she will continue praying for disgruntled souls such as Sendi’s.

This was when she chipped saying that Sendi reminds her of a story of “an old rotten fart that thought it smelled good.”

Fans had been quick to guess that she could have been attacking either Sheebah or Spice Diana which both the fans and Eddie Sendi reminded her that they are miles ahead of her.

Dembe FM’s Talk and talk show has over the years rubbed different musicians the wrong away as they accuse it’s presenters of being so negative and biased.

Written by Aine Siggy

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