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The entertainment industry needs more than just Gen Saleh – Eddie Sendi

Media personality Eddie Sendi has revealed that the entertainment industry needs much more than one person Gen Salim Saleh.

He made this statement during an interview with NBS Television.

According to Sendi, Uganda’s entertainment industry has very many problems and many people that earn from it so a person like Gen Salim Saleh can’t even solve a quarter problems of the industry.

Eddie Sendi said Gen Saleh should stop thinking that individual people he calls to his place are the whole industry and he should put it in mind that those people that meet him go their for personal benefits not the whole industry.

“The entertainment industry needs more than just one person Gen Salim Saleh because it has more problems and many people that benefit from it. So Gen Saleh should not think he will even solve a half problems of the industry. The only thing he is doing is to make few individuals rich not the whole industry.” Eddie Sendi said.

Out spoken Sendi went ahead and advised Gen Saleh if he has a good heart for the entertainment industry, he should stop giving out money to individual people because they are not the whole industry.

Written by Aine Siggy

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