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Top 15 Most Beautiful Mps In The 11th Parliament

Uganda has some of the most beautiful women on the globe with no doubt.

This could have even been one of the reasons Winston Churchill referred to her as the Pearl of Africa.

Beauty flows everywhere and in all her veins.

Forget about the vixens, actresses, musicians and all those socialites, Uganda’s parliament has some of the hottest women you will ever see.

Coming up with this list was one hell of a job because we didn’t know who to omit and keep.

The list had to have 10 legislators but neither our eyes, hands nor our hearts could help in sorting them out.

So in no particular order, these are some of the hottest female legislators in the 11th parliament.

Jennifer Abaho Muheesi

She’s an NRM Woman Mp for Kazo District.

Beautiful with no doubt and her place here is guaranteed.

Asinansi Nyakato

She’s the woman Mp for Houma district and an FDC cadre.

Brenda Nabukeenya

Imagine being 57 years but still as gorgeous as your 20-30’s.

That’s NUP Luweero district woman MP Brenda Nabukeenya. Absolutely pretty.

Hellen Nakimuli

Ooh my oh my wish I could secure myself a job in the parliament just to have a daily view of Nakimuli.

Or maybe I should go to Kalangala to fish her.

She’s just gorgeous and the woman Mp for Kalangala district on a NUP ticket.

Medius Kaharata Natukunda

Medius Kaharata Natukunda is the woman MP of Rukungiri district and is an NRM affiliate.

Her beauty is unquestionable.

Naluyima Betty

NUP and NRM seem like they have got another debate to settle here.

Naluyima Betty is the woman MP for Wakiso district on a NUP ticket.

Florence Kabugho

Finally FDC gets another one on the list.

Kabugho is the woman mp for Kasese district having replaced the iron hearted Winnie Kiiza who moved from FDC to ANT.

She’s a former radio journalist.

Shartsi Musherure

Perhaps her road to parliament was the most volatile one.

She tussled it out with President Museveni’s brother Sodo Kaguta and a number of people lost their lives.

It was after President Museveni’s intervention that his brother stepped aside.

She’s the MP for Mawogola North and obviously on an NRM ticket.

Ann Mary Kobugabe

Serving her second term in parliament, Kobugabe is a teacher by profession.

She’s the woman Mp of Ntoroko district on am NRM ticket.

Hellen Auma Wandera

Might be one of the youngest legislators in the 11th parliament.

Her story is one of rising from grass to glory.

She’s affiliated to NRM and the woman mp for Busia district.

Anna Ebaju Adeke

At just 29 years, Adeke is serving her second stint in parliament.

She first served in the 10th parliament as the representative of the National Female Youth Constituency.

Adeke is now the woman mp for Soroti District on an FDC ticket.

Joyce Bagala Ntwatwa

We all at least knew her as a news anchor on NBS TV before she switched to politics

She defeated the former police spokesperson and current minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Judith Nabakooba.

Bagala is now the woman mp for Mityana district on a NUP ticket.

Shamim Malende

Shamim defeated some of the most prominent names in Kampala politics such as Faridah Nambi and Stella Nyanzi.

At 34 years, she’s a lawyer by profession and the only woman on Bobi Wine’s legal team.

Obviously she’s on a NUP ticket as the woman mp Kampala.

Sauda Kauma

NRM really has hot legislators.

There’s no denying that Sauda Kaume is one of the most beautiful women in the 11th parliament.

How do those MPs even sleep when she’s around.

Kaume is the woman mp of Iganga district on am NRM ticket.

Sylvia Nayebale

The NUP wave almost deprived us of the pretty Sylvia Nayebale in favor of Kyagulanyi’s sister.

Luckily her beauty gave her an edge and she returned for a second parliamentary spell.

Nayebale is the woman Mp Gomba district on an NRM ticket.

Written by Aine Siggy

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