Mathias Mpuuga Allegedly Seeks To Capture NUP From Kyagulanyi’s Leadership

A news outlet on social media recently revealed how the leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga seeks to topple his leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

It’s said that the Nyendo-Mukungwe MP is eyeing the NUP seat to run for the presidency in 2026.

It’s said that experts saw these woes coming after Kyagulanyi decided to partner with the Dp and Suubi blocs with his NUP party.

This is because the two groups DP and Suubi left their old parties all disorganized and in a mess citing how they dismantled Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward in 2016.

According to this site, it’s visible that Mpuuga is seeking to challenge Bobi Wine for the NUP presidential ticket for the 2026 polls.

This site went ahead to allege that this bid is being sponsored by the former Suubi group which are growing Mpuuga’s influence to take over from a much inexperienced Kyagulanyi.

Kyagulanyi built the party and influence from his musical background and the ghetto/ordinary people love him because of the fact that they identify with him through a number of things.

It’s further alleged that Kyagulanyi and his inner circle however detected this earlier and have started looking at the Suubi Bloc with double lenses.

Its also reportedly said that this is the reason why most of these were not given big influential positions in the party as a way of curbing their influence.

The news site Spectre Media went ahead to say that it’s trusted sources confirmed that the Suubi group has so many other hidden agendas that they have failed to put on the NUP table with capturing the part as one of them.

Social media users were however quick to say that this is propaganda being boiled up to destabilize the party which has enough woes.

Written by Aine Siggy

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