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Who is Tamale Mirundi Junior? What is his profession? – Andrew Kyamagero asks

NTV journalist Andrew Kyamagero has come out and said he doesn’t know Tamale Mirundi Junior a son to Tamale Mirundi and anyone who knows him should explain more

He asked this during a talk show with Kasuku.

Andrew Kyamagero made this statement when Kasuku asked him to talk about the issue of Tamale Mirundi Junior leaving NUP.

“Who is Tamale Mirundi Junior? I don’t know him, I only know the senior Tamale his father but I don’t know the son, what’s his profession ? Is he a journalist like me ? which job does he do ?for I don’t know him ” Andrew Kyamagero said.

It should be noted that Tamale Mirundi Junior became very popular after he joined an opposition political party (NUP) yet his father supporters and defends the ruling party NRM.

Written by Aine Siggy

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