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Pia Pounds over the moon as ‘Tupaate’ song crosses Kampala borders

Singer Kirabo Tracy commonly known as Pia Pounds is over the moon as her ‘Tupaate’ song crosses Kampala district.

This happened after three years of struggling with music but failing to have any hit song on the market.

According to Pia Pounds who had an interview with NBS television, she was excited when she saw social media users vibing to her song and on top of that even people in the villages are dancing to it hence considering it as her breakthrough song.

“I was so excited few days after the release of ‘tupaate’ song seeing social media users especially those on Tik tok vibing and dancing to it. Some friends in villages also sent me videos of people from their dancing to it and I immediately knew that’s my break through song.” Pia Pounds said.

She went ahead and thanked all her fans who have made the song go viral to keep it up and other new good songs are coming through any time.

It should be noted that Pia Pounds is one of the few female artists that have really struggled with management.

Written by Aine Siggy

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