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Top 10 Faded Ugandan Musicians who owned the 2000’s

The 2000’s saw a revolution in the Uganda music industry erupt with a number of singers coming up.

At a time when Jamaican, Congolese and American music were the main thing, these aritstes helped to cement the local music that we so now enjoy a lot.

However, despite their immense talent and brightly burning torches, some of these artistes careers were cut short due to a number of reasons.

Below we take a look at some of the wasted talents.

Emperor Orlando

One of the other most recognized artistes in the early 2000’s.

John Ssozi aka Emperor Orlando was an afro beat and dancehall singer with songs such as Nakonkona, Sinsonga, Piga Makofi among others.

Could have been a legend but his career fell short of expectations and he resorted to radio business.

Henry Tigan

Henry Tony Kirumaganyi is another wasted talent that could have achieved legendary status.

He was absolutely talented that each song he touched became golden.

Tigan rose to the scene in the late 2000’s with his smash hit Abogeezi.

He would go on release a number of hit songs such as Muzudde, Lwaki Oninza, Waddawa, Aneganye a collaboration with Bobi Wine.

His close friendship with Bobi Wine is rumored to have detoriated his career as he resorted to drug abuse from the Fire base crew.

He’s however constantly denied these allegations saying the singer turned politician had no hand in his downfall.

Blu 3

The group rose to fame in 2003 after winning the Coca-Cola pop stars contest.

It originally consisted of Lilian Mbabazi, Cindy Sanyu and Jackie Chandiru.

They released hit songs such as Hitaji, Burn, Tomalako , Where you are and Kakana collaborations with Goodlyf and GNL Zamba respectively.

However Cindy later left the group to pursue a solo career which has turned out to be hugely successful.

She was replaced with Mya but later the group disbanded.

Jackie Chandiru and Lilian Mbabazi also later pursued solo careers which were promising in the start.

However drugs for Jackie and family for Lilian cut their careers short.


At a time when singing groups was the thing, this group really did justice to it.

It started as a group consisting of both boys and girls before they split up.

Ronnie Mulindwa took to managing the girls who consisted of Cleopatra Koheirwe, Jackie Tusiime, Sharon Nalukenge and Brenda Nambi.

Sheebah Karungi later joined the group but they all later disintegrated and only Jackie Tusiime and Sharon O were left.

They released songs such as Jjangu,Wekume,Bagala Twawula,Nod your head.

Sheebah Karungi turned out to be the most successful after their break up but also after years of trying and failing.

Sharon O is into acting while Cleopatra joined journalism.

Brenda Nambi teamed up with Hellen Lukoma to form the HB toxic but music refused them.

Michael Ross

When mentioning the Kings of RnB in Uganda, Michael Kakooza has his spot at the top.

He owned the RnB genre in the 2000’s and popularized since it was new helped by his breakdancing skills.

Songs such as Clothes Off, Follow Follow but Senorita was his breakthrough hit masterminded by the legendary producer Steve Jean that brought him onto the scene.

He was by then referred to as the Ugandan Usher who was his idol.

More songs such as Yoyo, Nkwetaga,Yo the one were belted out by the multi-talented singer.

It’s ok to refer to him as the all time Goat of Uganda RnB music.

He’s currently in the US where he gave his life to Christ and creating awareness among the youth on drug abuse a thing that derailed his blossoming career.

Ziggy Dee

Real names Adam Mutyaba, Ziggy Dee is one of the artistes whose talent we didn’t get to witness to fruition.

Forget about the Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine’s Chameleon’s, Ziggy Dee was the real deal around 2002.

His bangers Eno mic and the Sunda paka wansi collaboration with Bobi Wine were great bangers which still sound up to today.

There’s no where that you would reach without his songs playing.

He was basically the poster boy of 2002-03.

His career was however cut short due to a number of reasons.

He’s into art/paintings and last made a high profiled public appearance at NUP headquarters last year.

Kid Fox

At a time when Jamaican music from the likes of Shaba Ranks, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Buju Banton were the real thing, Kid Fox got influenced and dropped his own patois influenced songs.

Real names Kiggundu Steven, Kid Fox’s career started in the early 1990’s.

Dancehall gospel was a genre attributed him but he said his music is not gospel but rather music that brews positivity.

Despite his immense talent and receiving fair airplay, Kid Fox was never a formidable figure in the Industry.

Some of his songs include brothers and sisters, Nimechoka, Kapele a collab with Bebe Cool, Zinunula among others.

Kid Fox is currently abroad.

Red Banton

Real names Lubega Tony, Red Banton was a star back in the early 2000’s.

He was one of the top 3 artistes with songs such as “Noonya money, Pony Tail, Sijja Kuva Kampala, WBS, Balogo” among others.

Red Banton was even at one time praised by fellow singer Chameleon as one of the best singers in the country.

Everyone especially born in the 90’s and below jammed to his songs.

Red Banton derived his names from the red sandals and t-shirt he used to wear and from his idol Jamaican Buju Banton.

He however faded off the radar completely and says he never got anything tangible from his music apart from popularity.

Sweet Kid

Before you had the likes of the Aziz Azion, Jamal’s, Radio’s and co, Moses Sserwada aka Sweet Kid was the king of the soft voices.

He released a number of love ballads but he’s breakthrough came in 2004 after his Mama Brenda became a hit.

He went on to hold his grip tight on the industry for around 5 years.

Sweet Kid released a number of songs such as Silikyusa, Silinayo Mulala, Kankutwale.

He also released a number of collabos which were fire like Kiba Kitya with Bebe Cool, Gwe ansanira featuring Iryn Namubiru and Silinayo Mulala with Juliana Kanyomozi.

However with the emergence of new talents, the much talented retired from music to concentrate on a clothing business.

Mr Mosh

Mr Mosh real names Sendi Mosh had the ability to be the real danchall king in the country.

He did a few collabs with the likes of Ngoni (Digi), Blu 3 and the Obsessions.

He would later join media business beifre quitting to join active politics.

Even during his radio freestyles, one could tell Mosh was and is a great talent who didn’t materialise.

Written by Aine Siggy

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