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Mr Mosh Calls All Those Jubilating Lumbuye’s Arrest Idiots

Makindye East lord councilor Ssendi Mosh aka Mr Mosh has come out to blast all those who called for and are celebrating of NUP propagandist Fred Lumbuye.

Lumbuye was nabbed yesterday in Turkey and many social media users who subscribe to NUP have come out to demand for his unconditional release.

However, some people have all along been calling for Lumbuye’s arrest and celebrated the news especially government apologists..

Taking to his Facebook page, Mosh posted two photos, one of Lumbuye and another for alleged Ugandan security forces beating up people.

Mosh went ahead to say that if all those jubilating Lumbuye’s arrest didn’t call for the arrest of those security forces, then they are Uganda’s biggest problem.

“If you didn’t call for the arrest of the people in pic A but are jubilating because person in pic B is allegedly arrested, you are Uganda’s biggest problem and a useless idiot at that.” Mosh posted.

He further said that if one keeps quiet while schools, owners, teachers and students are ignored in most COVID 19 plans but jubilates because a random guy is a arrested for speaking on FB, then they need a new brain.

He added that if one didn’t feel offended when a serving minister said that police has the right to shoot Ugandans but is angry at a random vlogger who declares certain people dead, then Uganda truly deserves to be called a shit hole nation.

He concluded by apologizing to former US president Donald Trump by saying Uganda’s indeed a shit hole nation as the former once referred to African countries.

Written by Aine Siggy

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