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Plot Of How Lumbuye Was Trailed And Arrested In Turkey

Its not news anymore that NUP propagandist and social media blogger Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi was arrested yesterday in Turkey where he’s been basing to spread his often deemed poisonous addresses.

Lumbuye sprouted to fame last year in the pre election period after his propaganda found ground among Ugandans and started spreading like wild fire.

Soon he was a household name and very soon people flocked his live social media broadcasts in huge numbers.

Lumbuye at one time annoicned the Kabaka of Buganda dead and rallied people to take to the streets and demand for his body.

He attributed the Kabaka’s death to a connivance between the Katikiro , Nabagerekka and central government painting it as a murder.

He further alleged that the late archbishop’s body Cyprian Kizito Lwanga had been exhumed on the orders of President Museveni and taken to Kisozi farm where rituals were done on it by Mama Fina.

However what landed Lumbuye in trouble was announcing President Museveni dead who went ahead to order security forces to track everyone down who said he was dead.

Lumbuye’s social media activities became less as it was rumored he went into hiding after being placed on the wanted list.

Yesterday however was the fateful day for him when he was taken into custody.

On the 16th of July a social media outlet, Spectre Media reported that government had started to tiptoe Lumbuye’s every move after the External Security Organization (ESO) gathered enough information about his whereabouts.

This same media goes ahead to say that Lumbuye was tracked through one of his ex girlfriends according to CMI and ESO credible sources.

This ex girlfriend was tiptoed as she boarded a train to reach a small town where Lumbuye stayed in a one roomed house which he had turned into a social media base to attack the government and it’s leader Gen Museveni.

It’s also allegedly said that government tried to track Lumbuye by intercepting the calls he had with Bobi Wine’s brother Mikie Wine in Turkey.

It’s further said that this however was nolonger necessary after an ESO operative spotted Lumbuye and Mikie Wine in a restaurant in Istanbul.

Mike Wine didn’t know that he was being tiptoed a thing that finally resulted into the busting up of Lumbuye hence his arrest.

Furthermore, it’s said that high tech gadgets were found in Lumbuye’s room with suspicion that he must have been in contact with so many regime change sponsors.

Written by Aine Siggy

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