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Untold story behind Fred Lumbuye’s arrest

National Unity Platform (NUP) blogger Fred Lumbuye was arrested yesterday from Turkey and different stories have come up on why he was arrested.

As The BuzzNation, yesterday it came to our understanding that although it said that Lumbuye’s arrest is rotating around politics there is another untold story that might have led to his arrest.

An audio from unidentified lady from Turkey released on NBS television said Lumbuye is not arrested because of politics but rather Turkey settlement issues.

According to the audio, Lumbuye has shifted from a city largely occupied by Ugandans to another city. He did not have a settlement agreement in turkey and on top of that he had an expired passport something that leads to immediate arrest in Turkey or deportation to your real country.

“Despite the political issues, Lumbuye was arrested for different reasons here in Turkey. He didn’t have a settlement agreement and his passport had expired longtime despite his long stay in Turkey. This is a big offence here in Turkey if your caught they immediately imprison you or deport you” The audio said.

The lady went ahead and said Lumbuye didn’t have a professional job earning him money in Turkey. His known job was sending money to Uganda in case one wanted to send money to Uganda while in Turkey, he would do that.

It should be noted that Lumbuye is one of the most wanted people in Uganda after announcing President Museveni dead on social media last month July.

Written by Aine Siggy

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