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Hon Nsereko celebrates Lumbuye’s arrest

Kampala Central Member of Parliament Hon Muhammad Nsereko has come out to celebrate NUP’S blogger Fred Lumbuye.

This came after Turkey based blogger Lumbuye went missing on Tuesday and it was believed that Turkey Police arrested him for unidentified reasons.

However on hearing this, Hon Nsereko said Lumbuye deserved to be arrested although he is not sure of the reasons to why he was arrested. Nsereko said Lumbuye has been a problem to many people in Uganda and Buganda as a kingdom inclusive.

“I am happy that Fred Lumbuye was arrested although I don’t know the reasons for his arrest. He had become a problem to many and Buganda kingdom inclusive. He deserves prison and I know police will do the needful.” Hon Nsereko said.

Nsereko is not the first person to celebrate Fred Lumbuye’s arrest even fellow bloggers who reside to the ruling party have celebrated his arrest saying he was making blogging look very bad with his nasty words.

It should be noted that Lumbuye is one of the most wanted people in Uganda after he announced President Museveni dead in the month of July.

Written by Aine Siggy

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