Prim Asiimwe Reveals How She Wears Alex Muhangi’s Pants

Galaxy FM presenter super model Prim Asiimwe has come out to reveal how she wears her man’s pants/trousers, Alex Muhangi.

The beautiful and sexy presenter and the comedy store boss Muhangi have been dating for almost a decade now and share a daughter together, Jehu Muhangi.

Although they keep their love under the media limelight, it’s no secret that the two are an item.

Prim took to her Facebook page to reveal that if one is dating her, then they will share the pants since the financial situation is tough as brought about by COVID 19.

“You date me, we share pants, and daaaaaaas it. Economy nawe ogyilaba. Nga Ani ayonoona sente ogula empale ezize.” Prim posted while wearing a male like sweater pant.

The gorgeous presenter is known for her funky fashion style which is at times seen to be male like.

She’s the kind of person who rarely wears women stuff always in boy-like clothes.

However we all know that’s not Muhangi’s type of wear.

We are waiting to see Prim adorning one of Muhangi’s suit pants.

Written by Aine Siggy

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