Bucha Man Reveals The Reason He Parted Ways With Bobi Wine

Former Fire Base Crew vice president Mark Bugembe aka Bucha Man came out recently in an interview with vlogger Ibrah Mukasa to reveal why he broke away from the Fire Base Crew.

It’s no secret that Bucha Man was a darling and one of the biggest pillars of the of Fire base crew.

Bucha Man however deserted the crew that was once his darling home and a crew he had fought so hard to build.

The singer said that as crew they decided to give priority to Bobi Wine first because a win for him would translate into a win for the entire crew.

Bucha Man said that however time reached when Bobi Wine’s support towards him and the crew had declined.

“We had agreed that I stage the Banna bekka concert in Mukono on Christmas and his Yessebo Busabala on Boxing day. Time however reached and his support towards me declined. There are certain things that I had to start begging to be done for me yet they should have been done freely. The money also came in and slightly changed him.” Bucha man said.

The Lwaki Temumatira singer however said that he doesn’t blame Bobi Wine for changing due to the money because responsibilities and priorities shifted.

He added that he was not surprised by Bobi Wine’s run for the presidency because they had it all in the ghetto government manifesto.

He however had to run for the Kampala mayoral seat and then come for the presidency.

Bucha Man said that however he felt disappointed for not being rewarded for his hardwork.

He added that he’s still waiting for the day Bobi Wine will call and reward him for his work adding that they have spent close to 15 years without being in touch.

Written by Aine Siggy

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