Lwasa Advises On How Government Should Punish Lumbuye

Masaka based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has come out to advise on how embattled NUP social media propagandist Fred Lumbuye should be punished.

Lumbuye is rumored to have already been deported into the country as of 7th August from Turkey.

Most people have come out to give their opinions about what should be done to Lumbuye.

Lwasa said that Lumbuye shouldn’t be punished but rather should be let to face what he’s been talking about.

“Don’t give him any other punishment. Deporting him back to Uganda is enough from him because he’s going to see what he’s been hearing live.” Lwasa said.

Lumbuye is slated to face a number of charges basing on what he will be charged.

Basajja Mivule a few days ago said that Lumbuye should be handed to him for interrogation because he knows how to extract information from people like Lumbuye.

Written by Aine Siggy

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