Daddy Andre Says He’s Still With Nina Roz

If there is one couple that is complicated, it’s none other than singers Daddy Andre and Nina Roz.

A few months ago news were littered all over social media on how the couple had bitterly broken up.

The two even unfollowed each other on Instagram and Daddy Andre was heard coming out in an audio saying how Nina was only using him to steer her career ahead.

The two would go ahead to exchange a number of accusations though some of these were indirect.

However during an interview with Spark TV, Andre said that he has never broken up with Nina Roz.

When he was asked if they stay together, he said that not everytime but sometimes they are.

“What I can tell you is that I’m still with Nina. Not everything that goes on between a couple’s privacy has to be made public. It only needs a brave hearted person to tell what goes on in their private life but me myself I can’t say that. Well as person I have ever loved, sometimes am with her and other times am not.” Daddy Andre said.

This on and off couple’s lifestyle is one that has always confused people.

Their introduction was just an explosion expected by no one.

It’s not clear whether it’s just a stunt to keep being relevant or if they have ever been in love, married and even broken up.

Written by Aine Siggy

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