Sheebah Is Among The Women I Addressed In My Message- Cindy

Dancehall singer Cindy has come out to address the her recent Instagram post in which she criticised women who try to demean men in the name of feminism.

Cindy stated that you can’t claim to be an independent woman devoid of men’s support when your entire career is hinged on men.

She went ahead to say that men should instead be encouraged to do their roles and women as well theirs.

Social media users outrightly assumed that this attack was directly onto her known arch rival Sheebah.

It’s Sheebah who has constantly described herself as a proud single independent woman who needs no man to thrive.

While appearing in an interview with Spark TV, Cindy said that it wasn’t Sheebah directly she was addressing but she’s among those women advocating for the wrong feminism.

“I didn’t mention any names so don’t assume anything. But well there are many women advocating for the wrong feminism and I think she’s among those. Feminism as I said is not downgrading men but encouraging them to do their roles. If a man does his role and I do mine as a woman then there is no problem. It’s just in nature that as a woman, you can’t do the roles of a man and we therefore need each other to coexist.” Cindy said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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