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Bruno K at war with former management Black Market Records

Singer Kigundu Bruno commonly known by his stage name Bruno K is at war with his former management Black Market Records.

This came after Black Market Records uploaded his demo with singer Nina Roz in their YouTube channel without his knowledge.

According to Bruno K, he branded them thieves saying what they did is stealing and he doesn’t want anyone to steal what belongs to him.

Through a Facebook post, Bruno K revealed that his contract with Black market records ended some time back. He threatened to expose them if they continue stealing his work.

“Shame Upon you BLACK MARKET RECORDS. You people want to steal my song in broad day light. You went ahead to upload a demo that isn’t mixed or mastered on your YouTube channel and you call that being professional? Ladies and gentlemen if you check out the audio on my YouTube channel its way different in terms of sound compared to what these guys uploaded. It clearly shows that the producer gave me the well mixed and mastered project coz I own it. Am not going to let you guys steal from me what belongs to me. Am going to expose you guys. I feel sorry for Ava peace, Uga Boys, kvaan and so many more whose YouTube channels you took all in the name of greed. My contract with these guys ended some time back. I still don’t know why they are claiming a song that doesn’t belong to them.” Bruno K posted.

Bruno K is not the only one who has put up bad comments about this record label. Nina Roz who is currently signed under Black Market Records also came out and revealed how she will end the contract soon.

Black Market Records has artists like Daddy Andre, Nina Roz, young star Felister and many others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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