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Hon Nsereko to challenge any MP who will bring Lumbuye’s issue on the floor of Parliament as Human Rights activist

Kampala central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has vowed to challenge any Member of Parliament who will raise any issue concerning NUP’S blogger Fred Lumbuye’s arrest on the floor of Parliament as a Human Rights Activist.

He said this during a live on his social media platforms.

According to Nsereko, Lumbuye is not a blogger but rather a goon and thug hiding. He said Lumbuye has been abusing people and destructing people’s families thinking he is above the law.

“I am ready to challenge any Member of Parliament raising this goon (Lumbuye) at the floor of parliament as a human rights activist, we shall go for a debate and i will present all the videos of this goon and we see whether he qualifies to be a human rights activist” Nsereko said.

He also added that this is the time to teach whoever uses social media to insult other people as he warned that if anyone tries to insult him, he or she must get ready to pay 200 millions or even lose properties.

“It should become a law that if you insult me you pay, if you fail then we attach your properties, if you post someone’s photo without authority you pay” Nsereko added

Written by Aine Siggy

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