Sheila Gashumba Tells Off Broke People

If you know your broke to afford taking your woman to Serena hotel for a night or can’t afford a flight for her to the French Polynesia, please stay away from Sheila Gashumba and her social media pages.

The slender petite beauty took to her social media pages as posted photos of herself and a friend in bikinis chopping life.

She went ahead to caption saying that people should stop calling women who want good things gold diggers but rather admit they are broke.

Sheila has indeed seen almost all the luxuries has to offer and she knows her price and value now.

The media personality has also worked herself off to get the good life she’s now much enjoying.

Sheila has never shied away from telling her critics to stay far away from her and do what pleases them and let her be.

She’s currently dating Sweden based footballer and singer Rick man Rick and there display of social media affection has been taken to another level.

Sheila recently posted photos of Rick man Rick deep in slumber looking worn out like he had been digging an oil well ok a rocky mountain.

Written by Aine Siggy

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