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Lumbuye’s father speaks out about his son’s arrest

National Unity Platform blogger Lumbuye Fred commonly known as Chemical Ali’s father has spoken out about his son’s arrest.

Lumbuye’s father who had an interview with NBS television said he talked the his son the day before he was arrested and everything was fine only that he told him he was receiving calls threatening him.

Lumbuye’s father requested the government of Uganda to cooperate with the government of Turkey and bring back his son to Uganda because the Turkish might kill his son.

“I am here to request President Museveni and his government to cooperate with that of Turkey and bring Lumbuye in Uganda and face his charges in court while in Uganda. I don’t trust the whites in Turkey, they might kill my son and throw him away.” Lumbuye’s Father said.

However, NUP people are trying hard to see that Lumbuye is not brought back to Uganda something his father doesn’t agree with.

Lumbuye’s father said he knows President Museveni will forgive his son because he is a good person.

Written by Aine Siggy

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