Sheila Gashumba Calls Ex Boyfriend Petty And How She Dated A Scammer

Media personality and socialite Sheila Gashumba came out through her YouTube channel to reveal how she once dated a scammer.

Sheila also went ahead to reveal how her ex boyfriend God’s plan is so petty always looking for relevance.

She said that she got a message from this guy while she was in Zanzibar for a vacation.

The guy told Sheila that he wanted to partner with her on some business and when she returned to Uganda, they hooked up.

The guy was very caring and Sheila thought she had fallen for the right guy.

However, the bubble would burst while attending a party at Pearl of Africa hotel where Sheila bumped into her ex boyfriend God’s plan with his current girl.

Sheila who decided to name the love scammer Josh in the video said that he started texting the girl his ex boyfriend had attended the party with.

” So I met this guy after my break up with my ex boyfriend. He was so caring and loving, young, business minded and and handsome. So one time we are at a party and my ex boyfriend had attended with a girl he had been constantly posting. The guy I had come with texted my ex’s girl and you know my ex is someone who likes drama and very petty. So he took the screenshot of the message and put it on his Snapchat. Before I knew it, people were texting me asking me what’s going on.” Sheila said.

She added that when the saga went viral, this guy’s girlfriend in the UK got in touch with God’s plan and wondered why Sheila was trying to steal her man.

The guy in the beginning had told Sheila that he had not been in a relationship for almost three years.

It was only God’s plan who told Sheila to stay away from this guy because he was lying to her yet she deserved better.

The scammer’s girlfriend even boarded a plane to come and pick her guy.

Written by Aine Siggy

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