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Max confirms breakup with Sheila Salta

City socialite Kiziito Maxwell has confirmed breakup with NBS presenter Sheila Salta eight years of togetherness.

He said this during an interview with Galaxy FM.

According to Maxwell, he sat down with Sheila and they decided to have a break so that each one can focus on their careers and health.

“Me and Sheila are no longer in a relationship eight years of sharing happy and sad moments. We sat down and decided to have a break so that we focus on our career and health.” Max said.

However, Max said he is still a strong working partner with Sheila Salta and the two are on good terms as just friends with no strings attached.

Max as well said their breakup was not a one day decision, the two spent few months discussing it and finally came to a decision.

Written by Aine Siggy

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