Weasel Inspired By Winnie Nwagi To Beat Houseboy

The Mayanja’s can’t really seem to keep out of trouble and controversy.

News coming in indicates how Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel “Winnie Nwagi-d” his houseboy a one Kaweesi.

Weasel beat up Kaweesi and left him with severe injuries according to the victim’s mother who appeared on NBS Uncut show pleading for help.

She said that Kaweesi sustained a wounded head, broken leg amongst other injuries.

She also said that they were charged Ugx 5m in the hospital bills for the scan and treatment.

Kaweesi’s mother also added that the brawl happened on Monday night after a drunk and high Weasel got disagreements with his son.

The reasons that catalysed the fight are not yet known although she went ahead to call upon the Mayanja family to treat his son because she can’t afford the medical bills.

Weasel has of recent spiralled out of control due to being high all the time.

Written by Aine Siggy

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